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Hanbok is the ultimate in the beauty of lines and colors. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in the center of Manhattan, New York, is intoxicated with the beauty of hanbok through the <The King of Joseon in New York> event.

Jewelery invited to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

CEO Kim Min-Whee who has consistently presented modernized and beautiful relic ornaments, said, "I'm happy to participate in this great opportunity to introduce Korean traditional ornaments and modern reinterpreted ornaments in the center of New York."

MinWhee Art Jewelry, the hidden secret behind the Wed-Thu dramas 'My Love from the Star', 'Age of Inspiration' and 'Miss Korea'.

If you look at the subtitles of the three major Wed-Thu dramas (SBS Love from the Stars, KBS Inspirational Age, MBC Miss Korea), which arouse topics and have fierce competition for ratings, there is a company name that stands out in common. MinWhee Art Jewelry is famous for presenting sensual and special jewelry designs. We talked through Jaein Jung, CEO of MinWhee Art Jewelry.

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